This is Tyler

Tyler Bodmer is a vibrant five year-old from Poolesville, Maryland. Just like every kid his age he wakes up, goes to school, and plays when he gets home, but Tyler has a bit of a different way of doing things.

Tyler is autistic. He attends WLES (Waters Landing Elementary School) in Germantown, Maryland where he is a part of the LFI (Learning for Independence) program. He learns most things that the average kindergartener learns but he also gets exposure toward the functions of everyday life such as grocery shopping and public social interactions. The program aims to help students with significant disabilities get to a point in their brain development where they can hopefully survive in the world on their own.

Tyler's teacher, Jennifer Creedon, has told me that she has seen a significant increase in Tyler's educational level and that he is excelling in the LFI program. WLES has three classes of LFI students and Tyler is in the first and youngest level. They are sorted by age and intellectual level of the students.

For this photo story, I followed Tyler around for the day. From the moment he woke up to the moment he went to bed, I spent a day capturing his crazy life and how this program is really helping kids like him thrive in the Montgomery County Public School System.